Tuesday, 10 March 2009

dot to dot

i need to do some more work. ee.

ive been looking at dot to dot drawings you see. and illustration.
i've decided to go into leeds later and buy some childrens dot to dot books. hmm

i think amber recommended luke best to me? i think anyway.
he's very good. look:

the last crit got me thinking about issues i need to address but hadn't really thought about. i think i need to focus a bit better. i'm in cookoo land at the minute.

those slips where people had to write questions were kind of useful. here are some answers:
1. are you going to continue using different media suc
h as sewing?- yes. i want to do lot of sewing. i like sewing.
2. what age range is it aimed for?- children of any ages i think. although the scale and difficulty may put younger children off. ultimately they are for anyone.
3. why don't you try doing a big landscape dot to dot?- because i don't want to. i don't like landscapes i think they're boring. I've already decided I want the images to be quite fiddly and

i liked the idea of having to answer questions, if not for the person who asked them but for yourself. i think its a pretty useful decision making tool.
im going to google animals now so i might be here a while. the other day me and tom spent about 26586 hours looking at videos of pugs on youtooob and laughing because they're ugly. fun.

UPDATED 23/3/09

i forgot how much i love two gallants.

errrm anyway more illustration for what is a line. i feel gay putting my boyfriends work up. but i like what he does, and its relevant to what im doing so here goes:
i love the observations of people the best i think; this is our friend alex with twigs on his head.
haha ok anyway being serious. i just love the way he uses line to build up texture or detail. i cant really put my finger on it; i just wish i could use line like that.


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