Monday, 9 February 2009

busy bees

its module submission week! why am i excited?! i think im excited because i think im going to be proud of myself afterwards because i've done more work than last time. score!

this week i have mainly been making my book.
it's an illustration book for children about envelopes and post and such like.

ive finished it, bound it too. aaah now i've got to:

carry on with what is a line
find 10 primary and 10 secondary pieces of research
do all the development work for the what if brief
the photoshop brief

bring it on

1 comment:

William Asken said...

Didn't get a chance to say in college, but your finished book is amazing, I had to read all of it. Love your illustration style, you seemed to be unsure about what to do in the crit we were in, well you should do more of this!

Great work, I want your book!