Monday, 4 May 2009

oh haiiiii


what did i used to be?

I used to be very stubborn. ''I'm not a designer - I'm an illustrator". I hated type, wouldn't consider using illustrator and stuck my nose up at anything that wasn't hand made. I soon came to appreciate all aspects of design and even wanted to try my hand at as much as possible. I used to be scared of experimenting because in my mind - i had found what i was good at and didn't see any need to stray away from it. I only ever used film photography and wouldn't use a computer to do anything. I'm quite a stubborn person and i let that interfere with my work which limited me as a designer, as a maker. I think being too stubborn limits anything you do.

where am i now?

i feeel very ermm....privileged? yes. i feel privileged to be able to understand design, what makes a designer make decisions, what looks good with what, what communicates what. I've come to appreciate almost every method of design. I feel more involved in typography, with colour, with shape, message, print, book making. I used to see other people as competition, now i go to them for advice. I don't get frustrated over mistakes or jealous over others triumphs, i just learn to do better next time. I'm also learning not to give up so easily.
Recently my favourite things are colour, shape, monoprinting and book making.

where will i be in the future?

1. i would like to have the same, if not more enthusiasm than i do now. i want to be making every hour of every day. i want to continue making books, i want to keep learning about print processes and use them more within my work.

2. i would like to be full confident in everything i do. at the minute i feel like im still taking tentative baby steps

3. i would like to get over my control freak issues and be able to collaborate with people. or find someone who doesnt mind being bossed around :)

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