Monday, 23 March 2009

click click

ive not been able to sleep for three nights straight now arhrhggnlgngghghg. the only good is after giving up on trying to sleep at about 5am i start to get lots of housework/drawing/tv watching done.

last night on my new favourite website i found these:

by student, camille forget. arent they noiiiice?! anyway i found them on:
it's brilliant!

also i drew some mexican sugar skulls of my own.

why cant i sleeeeeeeeeeeeep :/

oh, also i got round to watching one of my boyfriends favourite films. don't get me wrong, i appreciate cinema. but i find films hard to watch and i dont know why. he's been trying to get me to watch American Splendor for over two years now. its soooooo good.

also while im at it i might as well throw in the new aero advert with bob burnquist. hes so coooool

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