Saturday, 28 February 2009

pure/don't panic

new brief: to design a A2 poster for don't panic
based on my interpretation of the word 'pure'

to me pure means clean, simple and minimal.
i wanted to be type only for this project. i love drawing and i love image making but i also love type. I feel a bit like type has taken a back seat over the past few months.

anyway- i think of pure as being minimal and black and white. I then got thinking about how striking and timeless something in black and white can look.
i asked several people what they think when i said 'black and white'
my favourites were:

michael jackson, guinness, pandas, casa blanca/famous black and white films.

I decided to use these four as the basis for my final ideas. and ended up with these:

aaaaaaaand i just realised i spelt michael wrong. shuush

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